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I am a passionate designer, illustrator, dreamer, and recent graduate from the University of Washington with a degree in Industrial Design. I moved to the Pacific Northwest when I was eight, but I was born and raised in Hawaii.

Despite studying Industrial Design, growing up I was interested in Animation and Game Design. My curiosity for illustration/ design along with the execution for detail was ingrained in me from an early age. I found beauty in creating unobtrusive yet immersive experiences for others through digital and physical means. I like to challenge my creativity by creating an environment that is impactful, magical, and everlasting.


Looking into the future,  I am looking forward to my personal growth as a designer and as an individual as I learn new skills from projects, interactions, and freelance work.

After a long day's of work, you can find me either:

+ illustrating

+ gaming 

+ watching movies

+ rock climbing

+ traveling the beautiful PNW 

+ jamming out to new songs

+ daydreaming

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